Completed and Ongoing Projects:

  • Self-driving Car Robot at One-Tenth Scale: Two robots were constructed in this laboratory using image processing algorithms, artificial intelligence, and the assistance of sensors mounted on the robots. These robots detect environmental features such as road lines, guide signs, driving conditions, and the presence of obstacles. They then make appropriate decisions using control algorithms. These algorithms are integrated using ROS and RTOS. Furthermore, the electronic board design for these robots has been completed entirely within the laboratory.




  • Internet of Things (IoT) based RFID Attendance System: This intelligent device records the entry and exit of individuals and displays relevant information to users through proper processing and network communication.
  • Implementation of Self-driving Car Algorithms in Simulation Environment: Implementing algorithms required for a self-driving car in a simulation environment can significantly accelerate development, testing, and debugging while enhancing algorithm quality. Simulation environments like AVIS ENGINE, WEBOTS, and GAZEBO have been employed to improve these algorithms.


Industrial Projects:

  • Mobile Communications Company of Iran (MCI) R&D Center, Design and Construction of an Intelligent Self-driving Robot, 2023.